IBZL: Infinite bandwidth: zero latency


IBZL is a thought experiment. It starts from the question: what if bandwidth (and latency) in networks like the internet didn't matter any more? What would become possible?

The capacity and speed of the internet and related networks has increased exponentially over the last 20 years but the change has come in steps, steps that have unleashed waves of innovation.

First generation broadband technology gave millions of users an ʻalways-onʼ connection to the net for the first time. This led to unforeseen, unanticipated and disruptive new applications like Wikipedia and Youtube.

Next generation fibre optic broadband will be an even bigger disruption, with the potential for almost unlimited bandwidth and latency approaching zero.

Can we imagine? Can we anticipate the sort of new applications and services that might develop? More importantly, what new technologies will become possible with effectively unlimited bandwidth and near-zero latency?

IBZL tries to create the conditions to start that imagining process.

Organised by the School of Mathematics and Computing at the Open University, and Manchester Digital, the IBZL Programme has brought together diverse and imaginative thinkers from technical and non-technical backgrounds - from universities, business and the public and third sectors. Its aim is simple: to create new thinking and new projects either to take the thinking further, or to convert it into tangible products and services.

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Infinite Bandwidth, yes!!!! But zero latency?

 A long time ago, a wise man said:

"Bandwidth is easy.  Engineers build bandwidth.  But latency is hard.  Only God gives us latency"

Infinite disk space, zero search time

IBZL - “Infinite bandwidth, zero latency” - approaches the problem of trying to understand how we will use new next generation networks by posing the question, 'what if there were effec

Imagining infinite bandwidth (and zero latency)

Beyond the stale thinking about what people will be doing with much faster broadband speeds promised by ‘next generation’ access networks.

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Infinite bandwidth some comments and squid

One of the thoughts that occurred to be post meeting was the notion of what you would do with (near) zero bandwidth and (near) infinite latancy ( ie the inverse of the basic concept).

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